The Honeysuckle Meadery merges the fruits from our berry and herb crops, and cuttings and spices from the Honeysuckle Farm and Garden “Keith Collection” with the right mix of honey and love to create Honeysuckle Mead. We have several varieties of mead available, which you can explore and purchase on our PRODUCTS page.



8871 Pickards Meadow Rd, Chapel Hill, NC 27516



The co-founder of the Honeysuckle Tea House, Tim Toben, enjoyed brewing blueberry and elderberry mead with friends for years.  Through a series of formula iterations and ownership changes, the Honeysuckle interest in honey and mead evolved into the Honeysuckle Meadery in 2017.  At the same time, we forged a relationship with Bee Downtown, to host their “home hives” on our farms.

The Honeysuckle Meadery is located in “Shipping containers 1 and 4” below the Honeysuckle Tea House at the Honeysuckle Farm and Gardens, and is lead by brewmaster and mead innovator William Costen.  Bringing more than 10 years of mead-making experience to the table, William has added six new varieties of mead to our offerings at the Honeysuckle Meadery. With many more on the way, we look forward to exciting new flavors, made with the fruits and herbs from our farm.

The nonprofit Unique Places to Save is our community-driven muse for the Honeysuckle Meadery.   It coordinates access to the Honeysuckle Farm and Gardens when we are not open to the public; coordinates our community education programs; and spearheads projects at the farm and across the State to further conservation, recreational access to land, and historic preservation.

Please consider becoming a member of The Honeysuckle.   Membership comes with great benefits, including early access to our rare mead releases, discounts on tickets to our festivals, and after-hours, year-round access to our farm.