The Honeysuckle is a community farm that we hope you will want to stay connected to year round, where you will walk your dog, explore nature, and play with your kids, and it is also a collection of venues that we hope you’ll often choose for a meal and a coffee, or a glass of mead with friends.

That is why we have created The Honeysuckle membership.  ALL membership funds go to Unique Places to Save, our nonprofit owner that manages the Honeysuckle Farm and Gardens, and protects other farms and forests across North Carolina

Why become a member of The Honeysuckle?

First and foremost, you are investing in land conservation.  Our conservation projects range from helping to protect the Box Creek Wilderness in the mountains of North Carolina, to acquiring a controlling and conserving interest in the Honeysuckle Farm in the Piedmont, to managing hundreds of acres of incredibly diverse wetland and long-leaf pine forests near the coast.

Second, there are benefits to becoming a member. You will receive a 10% discount at Honeysuckle Tea House and Honeysuckle Cafe & Bar plus advance invitations to Honeysuckle events and discounted tickets for these events! Whether it be our monthly Full Moon Celebrations where we honor the land and our community or our exclusive mead meet-ups, you can have early (and discounted) access to it all. Members also receive an exclusive newsletter that features product updates, event hints, and Honeysuckle news. For example, members will be the first to know about our upcoming co-work space.

Third, you automatically become a member of Unique Places To Save when you join The Honeysuckle! Unique Places To Save invests in, and enhances, the places that make our community unique. Nowhere better than The Honeysuckle Tea House to exemplify that!

The Honeysuckle Membership is an exciting way to stay connected to the places that make our community unique, plus it makes a great gift. Purchase a Student Membership for your college kiddo so they can have a go-to cafe for studying, with a great discount! Or gift a Land Steward Membership to your favorite tree hugger, giving them access to the Honeysuckle Farm & Gardens, an oasis for hikers and dog walkers. Or maybe you want to treat yourself while giving back to your community. Either way, we have options for everyone!

Student Membership
25.00 every 12 months
Adult Membership
50.00 every 12 months
Land Steward Membership
100.00 every 12 months