The Honeysuckle is a community farm that we hope you will want to stay connected to year round, where you will walk your dog, explore nature, and play with your kids, and it is also a collection of venues that we hope you’ll often choose for a meal and a coffee, or a glass of mead with friends.

That is why we have created The Honeysuckle membership.  ALL membership funds go to Unique Places to Save, our nonprofit owner that manages the Honeysuckle Farm and Gardens, and protects other farms and forests across North Carolina.

Why become a member of The Honeysuckle?

First and foremost, you are investing in land conservation.  Our conservation projects range from helping to protect the Box Creek Wilderness in the mountains of North Carolina, to acquiring a controlling and conserving interest in the Honeysuckle Farm in the Piedmont, to managing hundreds of acres of incredibly diverse wetland and long-leaf pine forests near the coast. We are also working to increase paddle trail access on several rivers across the North Carolina.

Second, there are benefits to becoming a member, and each of our membership levels is the cost of a fresh local latte.

Third, you automatically become a member of Unique Places To Save when you join The Honeysuckle!

Level 1:  Coffee for Conservation Membership

For a $5 gift, you will receive a 10% discount on all non-alcoholic beverages, all month long at The Honeysuckle.  For families, we offer a Coffee for Conservation Membership level of $10/month. The discount is applied to coffee drinks, teas and sodas at our new Honeysuckle Cafe and Bar, and when we re-open in the spring, The Honeysuckle Tea House. 

If you want to buy a year long Coffee for Conservation membership, you can do that for $50 a year (or $100 for families).

Remember, all memberships funds go to Unique Places to Save, to conserve local farms and forestland.

Level 2:  Food for Farmland Membership.

The Food for Farmland Membership builds on and includes the Coffee for Conservation membership. For a $10 gift, you will receive a 10% discount on all non-alcoholic Honeysuckle beverages and food: Paninis, Smoothies, smoothie bowls, ice cream and more, all month long.  For families, we offer a Food for Farmland membership level of $20/month.

If you want to buy a year-long Food for Farmland Membership, you can do that for $100 a year (or $200 for families).

Level 3:   The Honeysuckle Steward Membership

The next level of Honeysuckle membership is for those folks who really want to spend time on the farm for hiking, bird watching, dog walking and exercising! It also includes all of the benefits of the Coffee for Conservation and Food for Farmland memberships. We want you to treat this as YOUR farm, that you, your friends and family enjoy, support and cherish.

For a gift of $15 dollars a month, you can have access to the 225 acre Honeysuckle Farm and Gardens when we are not open to the general public.  We are closed to the general public in the Winter and from Monday to Friday at noon during Spring, Summer and Fall.  

And if you want to bring the entire family, you can sign up for our family Honeysuckle Steward Membership for $30/month.

By giving you access to the Farm and Gardens, we ask and trust that you will be a good steward of the land, and help us to pick up trash, maintain trails and even help out with harvests or farm projects from time to time.  Our farm stewards work tirelessly to keep the farm campus productive, beautiful and safe, and we see you as farm deputies. We’ll ask you to join our listserve for events, activities and volunteer opportunities.

We do ask that you sign a simple liability release form if you become a Honeysuckle Stewardship Membership.

Summary of Memberships

  • Level 1: $5/mo or $50/year (Family $10/mo or $100/year)

  • Level 2: All benefits of Level 1 at $10/mo or $100/year (Family $20/mo or $200/year)

  • Level 3: All benefits of Levels 1/2 at $15/mo or $150/year (Family $30/mo or $300/year)


While the Honeysuckle Tea House is closed during the week, it is open as a co-work space for those who enjoy working with fresh brewed coffee and tea and WIFI in an inspiring rural setting close to town. Send us an email to learn more about our options.

Membership FAQs

Q: Can I get a discount on orders for my friends if I have a membership?

A: We encourage you to bring friends to enjoy our venues, and friends can be like family. If you want to bring your friends, and you have a family membership, your discounts will apply to your entire order. Since the membership is not that much (the cost of a latte) and supports land conservation, we ask you to encourage your friends to become members!

Q: Do discounts apply to alcohol?

A: No, as North Carolina has laws against offering discounts on alcohol.

Q: Will my membership automatically renew?

A: No, and you can cancel at any time. You can pay for an annual membership if you don’t want monthly reminders for membership payments.

Q: What if I am student, and I can’t afford the monthly Honeysuckle Stewardship Membership, but I still want to enjoy access to the farm?

A: No worries, ask about talking with our Farm Steward, and put in a few hours of volunteer work on one of our volunteer days.

Q: What if I am a Honeysuckle Steward, and I want to stay overnight?

A: We allow camping at the Honeysuckle Farm and Gardens, but through Honeysuckle Stewards you receive a 10% discount.