The Honeysuckle is an experiment in land conservation, community farm creation, and local farm to beverage businesses.   

Here’s what we are trying to do…  We strive to bring you the region’s best natural, recreational and culinary experiences, while connecting the community to our 225-acre, botanically unique farm through kind, educational service. We also believe in investing in our team, and incentivize great service and education by sharing the first 10% of profits from our venues with our staff of baristas, farmers and educators.

Wait… How is all that Honeysuckle-sweetness possible in one place?

We’ve started by combining the things we love: play spaces for kids and adults, beautiful chestnut oak forests to hike in and sunsets over blueberry fields, bonfires with acoustic music played by local musicians, and starlit nights with hooting Barred owls. Strolls through a botanical wonderland of smells, textures, and shapes. It’s all here… and we’ve taken all of that goodness, and asked you, the community, to come enjoy all of it with good food and drinks made from our farms, and our neighbor’s farms.

Ambitious?  Yes. Worth it?  Absolutely.

Here’s the best part -  Every time you drink a Honeysuckle Cafe & Bar Latte made from Maple View Farms’ milk and Carrboro Coffee Roasters’ beans, or have a Honeysuckle Tea House smoothie bowl made from blueberries grown on our farm, or toast to your family and friends with a glass of mead from the Honeysuckle Meadery, you aren’t only helping your local farms and farmers.  You are also helping to fund land conservation and historic preservation. That’s right, 50% of every sip goes to save the places you love. 50% of all profits go directly to the 501 c3 nonprofit, Unique Places to Save.   When you include our profit share with staff, more than 50% of all profits go to our staff and community conservation.

We want you to play an active role in our community farm and its products, so we have also created a Honeysuckle membership, which provides members with food and beverage discounts, and access to the farm, the playgrounds, and our extensive trail system.